Nicholas Achilleos was born in Nicosia in 1972. He worked in advertising, painting, decorating and event organising. In 2015 he turned his hobby i.e., designing and creating unique wooden utility objects, into his profession. He founded Wood&Art, in which he combined his love for wood and woodworking with special styles and unique designs. His projects reflect the needs, experiences, emotions and identity of their owners, and that is why he creates an exclusive design for the space of each customer.

One design, one place.


It’s about the people, how they feel,
their needs, their expectations, the design and what makes them happy and proud.

We believe that tailoring furniture
to your needs – both indoor and outdoor
furniture – is essential to ensure the perfect fit.
We invite you to be part of this process, to make sure you are going to love your pieces for at least a lifetime.

For requests, information or comments, please contact below.